Friday, February 5, 2010

where will i find all the time

hello all,
with all this new knowledge about proper documentation as well as new information on other sources to search for for clues to an ancestor's life, i am now ready to hit the floor running. but where will i find all the time??? as i am re-doing my family trees into seperate branches and adding the documentation, citing my sources, adding photos and any notes/stories that i have in my other program, i am finding that i need at least an hour for each person that i have. my brain wants to be able to really whiz through this all, but my heart says go slow, take your time, in the end you will be able to give your family what it is they want. so, patience not being my best virtue, i am going slow. adding everything that i already have, noting what i still need, preparing letters to my aunts and uncles, and hoping against hope that someday i will be faster at this. :) but i guess since it took hundreds of years for my ancestors to live their lives, then i can take an hour or two to make sure that they are properly represented in the family tree. so, that is my week on my family tree. i hope everyone else is having as much fun as i am :)
have a great weekend,
peace and luv

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