Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Parents Pages

ok the challenge this week was to make a page for your parents. i chose to do two for each since i wanted the photos to really be seen as well as the information i chose to add. so, there is a photo page as well as an info page for my mother and my father. the one thing it did do was open communication with my father about him being legally blind. my mom had told me that he was born that way and that his mom blamed herself because she had a kidney infection or something and needed to take medication while she was pregnant and that caused his sight problems. well in putting together the few photos i have of my dad i realized he didnt have glasses on when he was small. so i asked, and found out that he didnt get glasses until he was in 5th grade. i also found out that he was told that what happened during his mothers pregnancy was "something to do with a cat". so now i have something to ponder. anyway, here are my pages - i cant wait to see what this weeks challenge will be.
peace and luv,

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