Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lessons update

hello all,
i am just dropping in to update you on where i am in my quest. I have done several lessons now as well as read and noted many articles on genealogical professionalism. i did take a break the last few days so that i could get my art/photography websites back up and running so that perhaps i can make a little money here and there. but today - being groundhogs day - i am going to jump right back into it. today will be taking all my handwritten notes and typing them up so that i have all my lessons in a file on my computer not in several notebooks and here and there. i have also been talking to my dad - since it is his line that is my "guinea pig" tree - and am slowly digging out some family information from him. i need to go through it all and figure out where it all belongs. he is supposed to be getting together with his brother to do some more scanning of photos and documents for me. hopefully soon. if not i will just get my new found cousins to light a fire under them for me :)
anyway, i am off to get busy for the day,
peace and luv,

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