Tuesday, January 10, 2012


“On the one hand maybe I’ve remained infantile, while on the other I matured quickly, because at a young age I was very aware of suffering and fear.” 
― Audrey Hepburn

one of the things my mother used to say to me was that she envied the childlike way i looked at the world.  i have friends who say i live in fantasy land (just because i think i am princess laura).  i think i see the world the way i do because as a child i had a lot of grown up responsibilities like taking care of my brother and knowing i needed to save money so if they came to turn off the electric i could pay it even if i didnt know where my mom was.  now i choose to see the world the way i wish everyone saw it.  people dont come in colors, they all come from God which makes them all worth my time.  i dont care if you have a prison record, i will give you a chance.  if you are homeless, i will give you food or money if i have it.  i try to remember to smile at every person i cross paths with, because you never know who needed that smile today.  and i would rather be me - childlike or not - than someone that hates for no reason.

peace and luv to all

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