Tuesday, January 31, 2012

new horizons

so, i think my scrapbooking thing didnt really work out because it is time consuming and pricey.  i think it will be best to just keep it for gift giving and the occasional customer.  but i have come up with a great idea for making some spending money - journal in a jar!!  this is a set that comes with a composition book that has been prettied up with scrapbooking paper, a jar with 52 prompts to pick from in it, and a pen.  i am going to be offering several different versions of this from teens, to elementary age, family heritage, life story, bible verses, quotes, relationship building and a few more.  i am huge into journaling and always have been and feel that everyone should journal even if they burn it all in the end.  it is a great way to think things out, write out dreams, yell at someone, paste pictures of things you want......just anything.  sometimes i just color a picture and add it for that day.  it is a very personal thing.  anyway, i have been working hard on pricing, just how they should look, where to buy supplies, prompts and just everything that will need to go into these.

wish me luck.
peace and luv to all,

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