Tuesday, January 3, 2012

last night - not so fun

So, i dont know if it was the cold medicine or what but i had nightmares all night and ended up sleeping till almost 10 this morning - thank God i didnt have to be at a job today!!  I had dreams about everything from trying to escape from my stepdad when he tried to kill me to knowing the house i was in needed to be completely cleaned out but it was like a hoarder house and it just kept growing as soon as we would finish a room a new one would appear.  with both my parents being hoarders, it is a huge fear of mine that i will turn into a hoarder.  i kinda feel like one anyway since i have most of my stuff in storage due to living with others for the last couple of years - i feel like if i have lived without it all for this long i dont need it, but it is my stuff and i still want it -  it is a mental fight i have at least once a week.  anyway that is all for now,
peace and luv to all

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