Friday, January 6, 2012

I believe in pink

Today is a pink day - happy, cheerful and loving.  Sammy got a new job with much better hours so I will be working a whole lot more.  William and I had a fun day today, playing cars mostly and bouncing on his trampoline.  I think tomorrow I will go walking and take photos.  I havent done that in a while.  and just for everyone's information, I love this quote.  I have it hanging in my room to remind me to have more pink days (especially in the winter when they all seem gray).  Also, I am liking the new facebook timeline thing if only for the fact that I can change the picture across the top!  I love creating banners and such so that is right up my alley!  Anyway, I am off to be creative - perhaps I will share tomorrow,
until then,
Peace and luv to all

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