Monday, January 23, 2012

mini ice age in the seattle area

So, that is why I have been missing.  we had no power for 4 days.  but we did discover that almost 3 year olds can find things to do when there is no power.  we spent a whole day tossing things up and down the stairs - a nerf ball, a nerf football, a bear, a pillow - take note these were all soft things :) mr william loved it when whoever was at the top missed and the things came bouncing back down the stairs to him.  he also discovered how much he likes stories.  i think we read almost every childrens book in the house including the ones i have on my kindle :) the first day of snow, we still had power and it was just snow - we went out and played, i built a snowman, william deconstructed it.  we threw snowballs at the fence.  i tried to convince him to make an angel in the snow but he was having none of that while he could throw the snow.  and that was the end of the great part of this adventure.  during the night everything froze and we had about 3/4 of an inch of freezing rain everywhere.  then the power went out.  we saw fuses on power poles blowing all over the place since it was still dark out.  we noticed that one of the trees in the yard was splitting from all the weight.  it eventually cracked in half -- we ended up losing 5 trees and several parts of the fence but it didnt damage the house and for that we are all eternally thankful.  we also got power back before the underneath of the house could flood from the melting snow/ice and rain.  relief was the word of the day when we got our power back - the heat kicked on, the sump pump kicked on, the fridge kicked on, the washer and dryer kicked on, the coffee pot kicked on........all the things in life we missed lol.  all  in all it was not a horrible experience, i just hibernated in my bed a lot to keep warm so my joints didnt hurt so bad.  it would have gone a lot faster if we could have at least watched movies but oh well, i guess our lesson was on not watching so much tv :)

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