Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barbie & Ken Wedding

So today I am delving into what I have been working on with my digital scrapbooking, and while I have tons of photos that still need scrapped, I wanted to work on a wedding album.  But none of my friends or family have gotten married in the recent past nor are they getting married in the forseeable future, so here comes the Barbie and Ken wedding – I did not take these photos and do not want anyone thinking I did they are from Beatrice DeGuigne but I am having a great time with them Smile  I mean could there be a better couple who deserve a great wedding album more than Barbie and Ken?  Here are a few of the pages I have created so far – some are from freebie quick pages, but I always add to them at least a little. I forget where I get most of the freebies from as I have been getting them for well over 4 years now – so if you recognize the work please let me know Smile 
dress and shoes copy
hair ready copy
ken getting ready copy
through the years copy
I hope you all enjoy these,
peace and luv to all

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