Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Life–Week ending 2/28/12

This has certainly been an interesting week.  I got through my mom’s 5 year angel-versary.  William and I had some time where we could play outside.  He is very into trucks and dirt and pretending aspects of real life.  One of his favorite outside games is to get in his car or on his trike and pretend to go through the drive thru – he orders anything and everything – always with a side of fries Smile at least we know where his heart lies lol.  our indoor time has been spent playing with water in the kitchen sink, playing in the tub with shaving cream, playing in the tub period.  he is a total water baby!!  William got an early birthday present which is one of those carpets with the roads and stuff on it.  He is figuring out how much fun we can have with it.  I usually have Saturdays off but both Rich and Sammy had to work so William and I played – as much as we could – my back has decided to be out.  it sux mostly because it really limits what I can or cannot do not only with William but for any aspect of life. 



Sunday Sammy and Rich went out for an actual date night.  William and I played for a while then cuddled up and watched The Lion King and Aladin on tv.  it was nice because Sammy and Rich got home right as Aladin ended so they got to say goodnight to William and put him to bed. 

as for me this last week, between my back, my mom’s 5 year angel-versary and just my normal depression I spent a lot of time just sitting in my room reflecting on life and where I want it to be heading (and coloring).  my long term goal is to be self sufficient with artsy type projects and be able to work from home and still have my own apartment and be able to pay my bills and I don’t know maybe eat once in a while too lol.  I am also looking very forward to going to Wild West Showdown in Bremerton this upcoming weekend.  it is 3 days of roller derby with teams from all over the US.  it was a blast last year and I know it will be again.  I get to go since my sister Jaymee is one of the EMT’s for the whole weekend and I am her plus one – it is my late birthday present and I love it!!  Well hopefully this upcoming week will be just as eventful for me – until then,

peace and luv to all


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