Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cemetery Talk

So, yeah I am one of those people that like cemeteries.  They are just such peaceful places to wander and gather my thoughts.  Also there is some amazing art in them if you just take the time and look. I love to wander and take photos usually of gravestones that catch my eye, but other times of animals or people or flowers.  I have not been exploring in way too long, but plan on fixing that really soon.  Auburn which is very close to where I live now, has a couple cemeteries that I have never experienced so those will be great adventures for me.  today’s photos are from the Brinnon Cemetery in Brinnon, WA.  I liked this cemetery as it was off the beaten path and contained so much history of the town of Brinnon including the Brinnon family.

Our first headstone is for St. Elmo Russell 1903 – 1959.  This stone intrigued me because it says St. Elmo on it. 


our second stone for today is for William G Walker 1856 – 1912 (Here Rests a Woodman of the World)  I love stones with birth dates in the 1800’s – living in western washington those are usually the oldest dates – yes there are earlier graves of native americans but they don’t usually have dates if you can even find them.  also when it comes to native american graves I try to always ask before taking photos so that I don’t break any of their customs and rules.


and in closing, an angel – I love cemetery statues, angels are my favorite but I love finding all the little trinkets that loved ones leave.


as always, peace and luv to everyone,


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