Monday, February 27, 2012

Journaling Prompt of the Week

Hello all – this is a new thing for me to coincide with my new project of making altered journals out of composition books and selling them with a years worth of weekly prompts geared to different groups of people who would be writing in them.  I will hopefully be rolling out my website and getting this all off the ground on March 1st. 
This week with my family weighing heavy on my mind, I decided to go with a family heritage prompt.
What were the names of your mother’s parents?  When and where were they born, where did they live?

My mother’s parents were Jessie Jane Burns and David Claiborne Whitehouse.  Jessie was born in 1912 in Illinois and David was born in 1914 in Louisville, Kentucky.  My grandmother grew up in Decatur Illinois living with her parents on a farm until her mother passed away in 1923.  After that her father sent both her and her disabled sister Fern to live at the Girls Welfare Home in Decatur Illinois.  Fern died there and my grandmother left there are age 18 (I think).  My grandfather lived mostly in Louisville Kentucky, but when he was 6 his family was living in Denver Colorado while his father was working for the railroad.  By the time he was 16 they were living back in Louisville.
I hope you all have enjoyed this little peek into my family, have fun discovering yours.
Peace and luv to all,

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