Wednesday, November 18, 2009

been working on organizing

it is funny how as you start organizing you start with someone else's idea on how you should document things and note things. then as you go you realize you want to add this and take off that so some things look different from beginning to end. but it is all part of life and life is constant learning and change and being able to adapt to it. so - 100 plus people into creating individual files for all 3000 people in my tree i am starting to realize that the basic form i saved is great, but i need to add some other things to the files, such as family group sheets for each person, timelines, as well as the record that shows what i have found and what i still need to research. also, will be gradually adding copies of documentation that i have available to me and photos so that i can click on any one persons file and see everything i have on them. this is a huge undertaking and gets bigger daily as i go to add a person and realize they have ten hints on which in turn add more people to the tree..... but it is all good. when i am done i will be able to gather my documents and get them in order for several books - a whitehouse book, a johnson book, a moberley book for my son's father's lines, a runion book for jamee's mom's line, a friend book for all my step siblings, a mcclurg book for those step siblings, and on and on and on lol thank god i can still do this even with my pain - the difference from doing data entry/research for a job is that when i have a bad day i dont have to work on it, or i can take 4 hours and go lay down and take a pain pill. whereas with a job i get fired for missing too much work cuz i am in too much pain to be there. so now you are all caught up on what i am working on lately. story for today???? when my brother and i were little - like i was 5 and he was 3 i think - we lived in yesler terrace in seattle. these apartments are low income townhouses with little yards. so this one day my friend maria was over and we were playing inside probably because of rain. my mom was sleeping since she worked nights and we decided that we wanted to play snow. so we looked around the house and decided that the flour looked a lot like snow when we threw it so back upstairs to the playroom we headed. we threw 10 pounds of flour all over the room, all over each other, all over everything before my mom realized we were too quiet with random giggles. i honestly dont know how hard it was to clean i just remember mom washing my hair about 5 times trying to get all the flour out of it. it was one of those situations that at the time she was livid but as time flew by she realized the humor of it all.
hope you all have a great day,
peace and luv,

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