Monday, November 16, 2009

so much to do today

so today i have to call uhaul and reserve my truck, i have to call the dr and see if i can bump my appointment up to this week instead of next week, i need to call cable, i need to call the electric company, and if i dont have paperwork from dshs in the mail today i need to call them too. so, i am on here posting :) i will be moving on the 28th, probably into my sister's place until i can find an apartment that is low income - but cant really look for that until i have my paperwork from dshs saying how much i will be getting monthly. it is kinda a catch 22. in the meantime, i am getting what i can packed up and will be all ready when the 28th rolls around. also need to repost my stuff for sale on craigslist. i know someone will pay for my table, my big tv and entertainment center, and my desk. the rest i will post for free next weekend - and hopefully have places for people to sit and eat on sunday lol. so my photo today is from the 7th on the ferry back from bremerton. this is the bridge going from one side of bremerton to the other with the foothills of the olympics and clouds in the background. hope you enjoy,
peace and luv

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