Tuesday, November 24, 2009

killing time in a library

one of my favorite hobbies!! you dont need a card to sit in there and read or do research. so yesterday i had several hours to kill in port townsend so i ended up at the library since it was threatening to get really icky outside and i had been doing outside stuff for a while anyway. so i headed to the library. my original plan - find a book i know i own and a comfy chair and read the windy afternoon away. what i ended up doing was heading to the genealogy section and grabbing a book - again was just gonna read - and taking several pages of notes. a bunch of new websites to check out and some organizational tips. and before you know it it was almost time to go. it is good to know that i can do that on days i am there with no way back to sequim until i get into an apartment in port townsend. if only they had a napping room!! :) so today - if i am working on family tree stuff i have new stuff to look at and look into. YAY!! but not sure if i am gonna be working on it today. and no story today - sorry, just not feeling it today.
peace and luv,

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