Tuesday, November 24, 2009

new beginings and fresh starts

so - technically yesterday was the new begining and all but was not on the computer yesterday so there you go. today i just have a few phone calls to make - dr appt, getting my prescriptions transferred stuff like that. so thinking about where i go from here, how i get there, stuff like that. oh and making a list for shopping for thanksgiving dinner. we will be having it on friday since jamee and david had plans with friends already on thursday. so jesse and i will have some time to think and talk and they will have some time away with their friends and all. but all in all so far so good - we are all just still tired and adjusting - and i think all praying i can get into an apartment really quick!! i know the cats are not really liking living in our room, but they have to for now. and they will get over it. today's photo is my cat baby - she was not impressed with something jamee did to her so i took a picture of the face she was making at me.
well i am outta here for today,
peace and luv,

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