Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Well here it is thanksgiving. not much happening on the family tree - mostly working on the organization of all that i already have so that i will know better what i need to work on. it is very time consuming, but in the learning process of life, i have learned to keep things organized as i go instead of going back to do it when i have 3000 people to deal with!! so that being said i will just tell my story of the day and then be off to do whatever it is i do all day lol :) so when we were little thanksgiving was usually at my aunt sue's house. they did two long tables in an l shape as well as an extra table but it was not a kids table cuz i was usually at the long table by my mom. and while i cant say for sure what all was served, i do know it was controled chaos feeding the whole family like that. and i do remember that the deserts were always in the kitchen until after dinner was done, cleared, cleaned up after, and if you were good you could sneak some of the dessert before it was time and with all us kids running around no one ever got caught cuz it was too hard to prove who did what lol. and during food intermission - the time between dinner and dessert - all us kids would go into the basement and we could play with the huge train set or the hamsters - their cage was huge!! but it was all fun and only once a year :) and sometimes i miss the innocence of it all. but would not trade my life for anything - no matter how down i get or how dark things seem it is still my life and i am thankful for all of it.
peace and luv

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