Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th :)

so i have had a big week in family tree news. i found a lead on the line of ancestors from my son's dad's mom. while this might not seem big to most, we have not seen or heard from his dad in like 7 years. his family does not really recognize my son as part of their family, so i have nothing to go on except for his parents names (and didnt have the maiden name of his mom) and the fact that he is adopted. so, finding her info with her maiden name as well as her parents names was huge for me. jesse now knows that his ancestry on that part of his family is italian and german. so i have been focusing on that area of the family tree. i have also been busy documenting all that i have already done so that i will stop duplicating work. should have been doing this all along, but as always, life is a learning experience. so story for today - the year that i was pregnant with jesse (1989) we didnt really do anything big for thanksgiving. but we did cook a turkey. my mom had to work wednesday and being pregnant and high risk to deliver early i was not to touch the 20 pound turkey. so she got home wednesday night and put the turkey in the oven intending to cook it slowly. she put the oven at like 275 or 250. put the turkey in upside down so she wouldnt have to baste it. all i know is while it was not a pretty turkey, it was the moistest, juiciest, best turkey we ever had.
anyway off to more research,
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