Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ok ranting for the day

Ok, so i am surfing the web this morning and come across this article about how people who own their own homes are being told that they cannot/should not hang their laundry in their own yard. this is one of the major reasons i have no desire to ever own a house. if it is mine - and by mine i mean i have paid or am paying over 200000.00 for it - i should be able to do as i please with it so long as it is not unsanitary. i dont think that other people in my neighborhood should have the right to say what i can do in my yard - if i want to go over the top for christmas with lights and what have you then i will. if i want to hang my laundry out to dry and save a little part of the environment then i will. if i want to have a full blown graveyard in my yard for halloween i will. these things do not bring down the value of my home or yours. they show that i love my home as well as my holidays. so i for one will never be looking to own a home. if i have to abide by all these rules i might as well stay in an apartment where at least i dont have to pay extra for getting things fixed - like leaks, roofs, broken windows, blown hot water heaters.
ok rant done - my photo is looking back at bremerton on the ferry.
peace and luv

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