Friday, November 13, 2009

friday the 13th

so, today is friday the 13th. i dont know why people get weirded out about it. i have been in a lot of pain this week, and today is no different. just happy cuz getting boxes and so i should be able to get all packed this weekend. just need my approval from dshs so that i can get my ass out of here. i hope that i can get into an apartment really quickly. i dont want to be a burden on my sister for any longer than i have to. but i cannot switch doctors or even call about apartments until i get my approval. and while i am waiting on that i am sitting in an apartment that i have been evicted from. no - no stress there. hopefully with the high blood pressure meds my blood pressure will be back at a normal so that i wont have to stress that too. anyway, enough of that, here is a photo i took in the pouring rain through the window of the ferry. it is the smith tower in seattle as we are pulling out.
peace and luv,

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