Thursday, November 19, 2009

raining in seattle?

ok so the seattle area has been slam-bassted with storms this week. it is thursday and we have had 3 wind/rain storms since monday. now here in my renton apartment my power has been safe, but i know after moving to port townsend my power will be in jeapordy every time we have a wind storm. but it will be worth it to be able to see the water as often as i want all year round. but it is just another adventure in this thing we all call life. so here are a few photos from the bremerton water park (not sure what it is actually called). it is behind the naval museum - which i want to check out one day - and you get a great view of it from the ferry while waiting to head out to seattle. it is really kewl to see the random water fly up and crash down. anyway, off to work hard on the family tree organization - still need boxes so packing is on hold today. and also today i need to head to the store and get stuff to cook for early thanksgiving dinner on sunday :) so i hope everyone has a great day,
peace and luv,

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