Wednesday, November 4, 2009

dr's visit and pretty sunset

so my dr's visit went well yesterday. well being that she feels that DSHS will approve my going on a GAU and starting the disability stuff. Not so great because it means that my MRI's were not good. I have advanced severe arthritis - bone on bone - in my right knee and mild to moderate arthritis in my back with a herniated disk. so yeah no wonder i have been in pain. but on the plus side, i should now get medical to at least help with dr appts and medicine to help control the pain. and i do have a beautiful new niece to spend time with too :) my photo today is the sunset from the ferry back to seattle last sunday when my niece was born. and people think it only rains in seattle!! we actually have a lot of very beautiful days every year and i try to photograph them all :)
anyway, have a busy day today,
peace and luv

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