Thursday, September 3, 2009

adventures in life and death......

that is what i named my blog because i am finding out stories of people who are dead to give to people who are living. but if you really think about it everyday is an adventure in life and death. people are born every day and people die every day. my friends and i had a birthday memorial for a good friend who committed suicide last december. none of us know for sure what caused him to do this, we know the events leading up to it played into it, but no one was there when he made that final decision. i feel for everyone who loved him including myself because we now have to go through our lives with a piece of our heart missing. we never get to see this wonderful person again. but he would not want us to mourn his decision. so we celebrated his birthday. i made a memorial dvd for those who wanted it and a photo of him with a poem my friend wrote for his friend who committed suicide. he gave me permission to use it as it said what i think we all feel. honestly i was dreading going because i really didnt want the mood to be sad and down, but i went and we all had a fun time remembering kyle and laughing at stories about him. so -- i guess that is my story for the day :) and i spent my day yesterday working on the memorial dvd so that was my family tree stuff for the day too. because in the end aren't our friends also our family -- the family we can pick and choose :) not that i dont love all my family but we all know there are times.............. and on that note, i am off to get some work done for the day.
peace and luv,

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