Monday, September 21, 2009


so my mom wanted to move to where she could hear the ferries and boats in the water. she never got that chance, so that is where i decided she would want to spend eternity. here is a photo of the ferry and a sailboat getting ready to pass each other. i am very happy, relieved that she is now in her final resting place. it took too long, trying to get everyone's schedules to sync. wise words were said to me "those who truly wanted to be there were there." yes, i know that there were some who wanted to be there but for reasons beyone their control they couldnt. but you know what? they made sure that they were there in some way - a letter, an email saying that you guys were in my thoughts all day, little things like that. the others, didnt want to be there. this was not something that i just sprung on people, i sent out invitations 2 months in advance. i sent out reminders at one month, one week, and the day before. so - i feel it went perfectly, since i also didnt have to cater to the normal belief that this should be a sad thing. it was a time to spend one last adventure with my mom, and that is what i did.
hope y'all have a great week,
peace and luv,

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