Friday, September 4, 2009

totally forgot to talk about the show i watched.....

on national geographic channel they had this show called the human family tree. it was about our dna and how we all go back genetically to "genetic adam" and "genetic eve" (hmm sound familiar?) and how our dna can show the path our ancestors took out of africa to get to where we now are today. now i do not think of myself as uber religious, but i do know my bible as well as puite a bit about history. you cannot really be that big into genealogy without having the interest in history as well i dont think. anyway i personally find it very interesting how through science we can genetically prove adam and eve as well as the seven tribes of abraham. do i know for sure that the bible is fact? no, that is why it is called faith. but i think it has a lot of very good rules and life lessons in it even if you dont want to believe in god. ok - enough sermon time :) now for story time :) todays story is about my 18th birthday. this should have been a huge day for me, but instead i totally felt like the girl on 16 candles. no one remembered my birthday. i got up, nothing. went to school, nothing - well my friends remembered but still. headed home after school - still nothing. not even a phone call from my mom. well i guess my step-brother heard me bitching at school and called his dad or sister and at some point my mom remembered too. so because these were the days before cell phones, and my family was so great at communication anyway, my step-dad and step-sister went to the grocery store bakery to get me a cake, my mom stopped on the way home to pick me up an ice cream cake from baskins and robbins, and my step-brother -- he out shined them all :) he took a bakery class for three hours in the afternoons instead of high school classes and his bakery class was practicing roses......... so he had them do a 1/4 sheet cake for me with roses everywhere!! everything from rose buds to full open roses, in every color you can imagine. so, the girl who was really pouting by now ended up with three cakes and a ton of apologies. i honestly do not remember the gifts i ended up with, but the cakes -- that i remember.
i hope these stories give you a smile as well as help you remember fun times with your family and friends.
peace and luv,

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