Monday, September 21, 2009

story only today.....

i put my mom's ashes in their final resting place over the weekend. here is the story of how our last adventure went:

Yeah we made it to the beach yesterday. No one came but me, Jesse and Jamee. Jamee drove over here Friday night and then took us over there Saturday morning. We actually had a really fun day of it – we had mom in a backpack that we were calling Martha. We got to Chetzemoka park and there was a wedding about to begin so I got on one of the bench swings with Martha beside me and we swang and watched the wedding. Then we went and looked at the flowers. Then we went down to the water and first tried to wait for the couple people down there to leave, but they were not leaving. So we wandered a little ways up the beach – found a hobbit hole (actually probably a homeless persons home) and decided that was the place as soon as people left. Then we look over and there are these kids and one is dressed like a garden gnome only in purple with the beard and everything. I got a picture of that kids back. (oh yeah I took photos of all of this) I got a picture of the ferry and a sailboat crossing which totally ties into her journal page. so finally I was just done waiting – no one was paying us any attention so I took mom and – well – dumped her where the waves were hitting. And we cheered her on as each wave took more and more of her out to the water. When it was done and we went back to the ramp/trail to go back up to the park we were resting and I was prepping my body to get back up the hill. Well this fairy wish/angel kiss – depending on what your family called them. They are like dandelion seeds only fully round. Anyway, the fairy wish went by and as it did it touched Jesse, then me, then Jamee, then landed on the ground long enough for me to get a picture. Then when Jamee saw it too – Jesse was still down the beach a little – it floated straight up till we couldn’t see it anymore. I think it was mom saying goodbye. So then we hung out at the park for a while longer – I needed to rest after that hike up. And as we were getting ready to leave, here come 7 kids dressed as garden gnomes – oops – the seven dwarves!! So they were having a play over in a different part of the park, so we went and watched part of it – there was no park seating over there and my back was killing me. Also, before we went to the park we stopped and saw my best friend Vicky and stopped by the Chimacum/Port Hadlock cemetery – her dad is there. And since I love photographing old cemeteries we went to the 4 in Port Townsend after the park, but I was too pooped to get many photos. Then we stopped for a minute at this cemetery by her house near Sequim which was really really little. We then met up with her husband, went to dinner at Arby’s and then he took his time and drove us all the way back home so I didn’t have to face the ferry and three busses to get home. I need to do a totally awesome thank you for them for all the driving. So, all in all it was exactly the way I wanted it to be. Not all sappy and sad – but happy and adventurous. I am making a movie of it that I will make sure everyone gets. Just like the funeral – I didn’t follow anything but my gut so as far as I am concerned, it was a perfect day!!

peace and luv.


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