Tuesday, September 1, 2009

so, did you ever have a day where everything seemed to snowball? all i am trying to do is make sure that i have all of the four most recent generations in my friends family tree, as well as addresses and military info for all that i can, and i am just adding and adding and not getting the in depth research done. i really want to be able to give her a copy of a family tree book when i am up visiting and releasing my moms ashes on the 12th, but i also want it to be perfect. so i guess i just make sure it gets done the way i want it :) in the meantime, i have over 500 hints on my sister's tree and over 500 on my tree that need looking into as well. so, at least i am busy with something right? so, story for today..... when my little sister turned 19, i wanted to take her to canada - at that point in time the legal drinking age was 19 - for a fun sisters weekend. so my mom footed 1/2 the bill and off we went. we took the train up to vancouver, caught the transit to our hotel room in chinatown (i didnt know at the time that the weekend of july 1st was their independence day celebration), got settled and went out exploring. the plan was have some dinner and hit the night clubs till closing time and crash till check out time and then go wait for the train back. but my sister was intimidated by the crowds in the clubs. they were mostly standing room only. so we ended up going to the movies and watching twister, then heading back to the hotel and watching bad karaoke in the hotel lounge. on the plus side the drinks we had were really good - total girly drinks!! i dont remember what he called them anymore but they tasted like chocolate covered bananas. so we drank, and laughed (a lot) at the karaoke people and actually had a really great sister weekend - even if we didnt really do what we had planned. some of our greatest adventures start out as one plan and get all twisted up and end up something totally different in the end.
anyway, i am off to get more research done for today,
peace and luv,

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