Tuesday, September 29, 2009

happy tuesday everyone

sorry that i didnt manage to get back here yesterday and post more. i think my interview went well. anyway, when i got home i decided to start on some brick wall work. and yesterday's choice was my uncle steve's family. he was my mom's sister's husband. he is my standard that i hold all men up to when dating. he was a truly wonderful man. anyway, just as i was starting my cousin came by so he helped me with some information. and he got a little bit more when he got back to his mom's and asked her. so yeah, i filled in what i could yesterday and am going to go back today and really start digging into the records available. so, story of the day is about my uncle steve. when we were little, we got together a lot so all of us kids grew up together. my aunt and uncle had three kids two were 6 and 4 years older than me. then there were the stair steps. me, my cousin john and my brother. i was oldest, my cousin john 1 year younger, then my brother another year younger. we did everything together. and of course i used my oldest position to make the other two do things - just like my older cousins did with me!! so this one day, we were playing in the garage - i dont know why - and i noticed the dog food sitting there. mmm gravy train. so i tell my cousin and brother that they should eat some of it because it smells pretty good. so they are eating the dog food, i am watching the door into the house so i dont get caught by my aunt, and watching the whole thing from the door to the outside is my uncle steve. after we were done, he pulled me aside and let me know that he had seen what i did. i just knew he was gonna tell my aunt and mom. but no, he gave me a choice - either he tells the mom's or he owns me for the day. needless to say - i did everything that man asked for the entire day without saying a word. i helped him work on his truck, helped clean up the yard, and a few other petty things. all in all it taught me several things - one) my uncle was as sneaky as me. two) he managed to have me spend a day learning from him. three) always watch both doors when making the younger kids do something stupid!! my uncle passed away in 2001 and i still miss him and all the things he taught me and all the knowledge in his head. but i have my memories and i pull them out from time to time.
hope you all have a great day,
peace and luv,

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