Saturday, September 5, 2009

lazy saturdays are the best

today in the greater seattle area it is very gray and rainy. perfect kind of day to make something decadent and loose oneself in research. yesterday was spent with thoughts to those i have loved and lost. today, i will be fine tuning the book for my best friend and her family. not a whole lot to write about ...... since i didnt really do anything on the family trees yesterday. but i am sure i can squeeze out a story about my life. one year for mother's day, i think it was 1979 or so, my best friend and i decided we wanted to make homemade perfume for our mothers. her mom had told us how they used to make rosewater when she was growing up. so off we went in search of roses in our apartment complex. well there were no roses so we decided that cherry blossoms would workk just as well and we liked the smell of them. so with no adult help, we got a gallon jar with a lid from my house (i loved pickles when i was little so my mom bought them in bulk) filled it about 3/4 of the way with cherry blossoms and then filled the jar with water and put it in her closet. that was about two weeks before mothers day. the day before mothers day we strained out the flowers, put the "cherry blossom water" into pretty jars - we had decorated them ourselves with stickers - and put pretty ribbons on them. we were so proud of our unique gift. and our mother's were nice enough not to tell us that the water really smelled kinda bad, and that within a day there was mold growing in our perfume gift. :) at least we tried and it was not your normal card and candy thing. my life has been just one adventure after another. i hope y'all are not bored by my little stories.
have a great weekend,
peace and luv,

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