Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new information

here's the deal, somewhere out there i have another brother. he is my half brother. my mom had him when i was three and my brother was one. we went and lived with my aunts while she was pregnant and having the baby. she gave him up for adoption. i didnt really have much more information than that since my mother has passed away and i had lost the original info that she had given me. so i asked my aunt, and she was not much help. she didnt know much more than i did. then i had an epiphany - ask my auntie! she is not really related, but she was my mom's best friend - and partner in crime in those days. so she had more info for me. so now i have more to go on. it is awesome. i would like to find him if only to know what he looks like. but if more happens it would be greatly embraced. i also found out that my auntie was adopted. i am sure that at some point it had been said around me but it just didnt sink in. so i am also helping to research her stuff. so - here is my story for the day. for my 5th birthday i wanted a panda party. i was really into pandas. so my mom threw me a real birthday party - friends came over, we had party games - pin the nose on the panda is the one i remember - we had party hats, those blowy things. and here comes my auntie with one of her famous cakes - a 3D bear decorated to look like a panda with blue and white instead of black and white. well it comes time to sing happy birthday, cut the cake and have cake and ice cream and what happens? princess laura makes an appearance and throws a complete tantrum because "you are NOT cutting my panda cake!!" even at 5 i knew the appropriate thing to end a fit like that was to run into the bathroom and slam the door. so my mom and auntie got me calmed down and we ended up eating the cake - they just couldnt cut it where i could see it. gotta love drama queens in training!!
anyway i hope y'all are having a great week,
peace and luv

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