Saturday, September 12, 2009

brick walls hurt!!!

so, i was trying to find anything more on a couple of my brick walls yesterday and all i kept thinking is "brick walls hurt!" this leads me into my story for the day. when i was a preteen and early teen (probably 11 - 14) i spent time in the ER almost every weekend. i have sprained and strained almost every area of my body as well as broken a couple. most of this came from the fact that i loved riding my bike, my skates, my skateboard - and anything else i could come up with that had wheels and might go fast. and i was awesome at it. i had no fear. anything the guys could think up i would try at least once. we lived in apartments at the bottom of a long steep hill - that was the only street into and out of our apartment complex. also there was a utility road (unpaved) behind our apartments that had an even steeper hill going down to the river. and we had a lot of woods around too. while i have some very unpleasant memories from living here, i can now look back and see the good ones too. so, back to me having no fear. i was great at going, and i felt that the faster the better! unfortunately, i was not so great at stopping. shoot, half the time the bikes i was on were homemade from parts of other bikes and didnt have brakes yet. so, stopping usually meant that i aimed whatever i was riding on at something not moving and just hit it. i used parked cars to stop. i used buildings to stop. i used gaurd rails to stop. and yes, i occasionally actually crashed for no apparent reason. so i know that "brick walls hurt!"
anyway, i am off on my adventure of a day today,
peace and luv,

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