Friday, September 11, 2009

almost together

i almost have my friends tree information all together. it is a mixture of the book printout that i can do from my program and documentation from i hope she will love it! so i will be busy getting that all together this next week so i can give it to her when i am up there on the 19th. on a personal note i have been revisiting the brick walls in my family tree. i so hope that the 1940 us census is made available soon. i think it should be next year, but am not completely sure on that. the one that i would like to really find is my maternal grandmother's brother. family story is that his father was so abusive that he left at 17 never to be heard from again. but family stories are just that - stories. so he is a brick wall. i believe i found him on the 1930 census as a boarder. but have not been able to find a death certificate or record. i also need to make a date with my aunts and dig out some more family info from them. i would love to scan all their photos so that i would have access to them for my family tree. anyway, i am totally rambling now. i am off to get some research done. i dont really have a story right off the top of my head for today, if i think of one i will post it later. hope everyone has a great weekend,
peace and luv,

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