Wednesday, September 2, 2009

merging and other adventures

ok, so anyone who has ridden with me in a vehicle knows i hate merging. i do not drive, never have, but as a passenger i hate merging traffic. i am always convinced someone is going to take out my side of the vehicle i am in. well, i am not much fonder of merging trees together!! it is time consuming and if it werent for the fact that all three trees have slightly different information, i would not do it. so needless to say - i am merging my friends three trees in order to start putting her book together in order. and while it is very time consuming, i know in the end it will be worth it. now, if only the new printhead for my printer would get here, i could also start printing it :) and now, on to my story of the day. this is a somewhat short story today, about my son. and i suppose me terrorizing him in a mom kinda way. when he was little, we used to go on a lot of walks. and i also used to tell him he must be an alien a lot as well - it just fit into the life we had!! i am a big sci-fi geek and he loves it too so any time he did something that just wasn't me, i would tell him that he was an alien. anyway, one summer evening we were walking and he looked up and saw the searchlights that they put by stores that are having big sales -- that look like circular lights scanning the sky :) and he asked what they were - so me being me, i told him that it was the mothership scanning for aliens and we better get him home quickly!! this was funny for a while, but after about a year and a half, we were out walking one evening and there were searchlights in the sky so i said "the mothership is scanning for aliens, you better get home quick" and he just stopped and turned around and said "i am not an alien and you are not funny". well yeah, that was the end of that. almost 10 years later i still tell him he is an alien, but i dont tell him that the mothership is searching for him. i was not trying to be mean, just playing with him. but i guess like any other game (except for monopoly of course) it got old.
anyway, i am off to merge some more,
hope y'all have a great day,
peace and luv,

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