Tuesday, September 8, 2009

family tree photo collages

good morning everyone,
today i am sharing with you my family tree photo collages. this one is my maternal line, my mom, my aunts and my grandma.

this one is my paternal line, my father, uncle, grandfather and great grandfather.

i find it really interesting that my fathers family is all male and my mothers family is all female. these are photos for my personal family tree book, which is why i didnt include photos of my brother. he will get the same type of collages for his book with photos of him. and instead of a story today, i will give an interesting family fact. traditionally, it is the male line that carries on the family name through their lineage. however, my dad's name is being carried on through my son. my brother has a son as well, but his last name is his mother's maiden name. so, that is my family fact for the day :) hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend,
peace and luv,

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