Thursday, September 17, 2009

still hitting brick walls

i cannot wait for new information to be made available to because these brick walls suck. but i know eventually i will be able to break them. and that hope and faith keeps me going. the excitement i feel when i log on and find that a person who previously had no clues now has clues is amazing. it is a total rush - and then i am off researching like mad again. just to get to a new brick wall. but at least i am entertained, right??
so on to the story of the day - when i was young, we always spent at least a long weekend up at my aunt and uncle's cabin on mt rainier. and i always looked forward to it because it meant that we got that total family life thing which we didnt have as a usual thing. my mom was a single mom so me and my brother spent a lot of time with babysitters and my grandma and as we got older just being by ourselves. but at the cabin, my aunt and uncle and their three kids were there, plus my mom, me and my brother. and even though i hated camping - the cabin i loved. it was still roughing it - outhouse, no plumbing, no electricity. but it was also family, and friends, and laughter, and love, and adventures. and when we went up early enough in the summer as we went over the summit there was snow - the seattle area doesnt get a lot of snow - rain yes but not snow. so as a kid mom would stop so we could get out and play in the snow - feet and feet of snow!! i have so many memories of the cabin, the boys getting up in the morning and honestly peeing off the front porch onto areas where we didnt walk, adventures looking in the woods for elk and bears - i personally never saw a bear. learning to sit and be still so the wildlife would come out and we could see it. going to bumping lake and catching tadpoles to put in the little pond my uncle made in the creek that runs through the property. then hoping against hope that there would be frogs the next time we came. rainy days when we could all play board games or sit and read a book or even just dream about the future. i still love the cabin, just now it is far less often and usually after about 2 days i am begging to get back to civilization.
anyway i hope everyone has a great day,
peace and luv,

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