Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my computer is much better today

i dont know for sure why my computer was acting up yesterday, but i updated my java plug in and now it is fine. so i talked to my dad over the weekend and asked if he and his brother were his parents only children - there are a lot of child deaths on his side of the family, there were 5 years between his brother and him, and we have a family name tradition that you would think would have been carried out on the first born son not the second one five years down the road. anyway he let me know that his mom had also had a stilborn child before him as well as 2 miscarriages. so i am now looking to see if i can find a record of the stilborn child. kentucky is really good about having their records available to ancestry.com. not like washington where i live. i understand giving a certain number of years before posting the public records to the internet due to privacy rights, but being the impatient person that i am i want everything posted - after all it is public record. but since i wont be getting that i will be thankful for what i do have access to. story of the day... my father is legally blind. he was born that way. he can still see just not well enough to do things like drive. from what i understand he has periferal vision in one eye and tunnel vision in the other. supposedly this is not a medical issue that will be passed on to other generations, it is due to medication his mother had to take while she was pregnant with him due to a serious kidney infection. anyway, that being said, several years ago my father decided that he would get a bike to ride around town and get to and from work. fine. seemed weird to me that if he cannot drive he would be riding a bike. so this one day it is raining and he is on his way to wherever it is he is going. he gets to the railroad tracks that he goes over all the time, and boom! down he goes. wet rubber meeting wet rubber not the best for traction. needless to say he actually broke his hip and had to have it replaced. so yeah, my father does not ride a bike anymore - now he is plotting to get a scooter and blindly terrorize the innocent citizens of kentucky!! :) luv you dad :)
anyway i will post more tomorrow,
peace and luv,

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