Thursday, October 29, 2009

family tree on hold today

my body is sore today, so i am going to just take today off. feeling more creative so will be playing in photoshop today i think. story for today - more of a reminiscence - i remember when i was little and we would go trick or treating, we got apples, popcorn balls, candy, pennies - and it was safe. then some idiot(s) had to go and ruin it by putting razor blades into apples and poison in candy - and yes i remember when that all happened. putting all parents on guard. only knock on doors of people you know, hard candy is the safest, mom has to check all the candy before you can eat any of it, and even going to the police station the day after to have the candy x-ray'd just to be safe. i miss the "safe" days of my childhood.
anyway peace and luv

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