Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve

I really love fall. all the beauty of the leaves turning and falling, the colder weather bringing on the soups and stews that are comfort food, here in Washington the apples get nice and cheap and are perfectly ripe. and it brings so many memories - my grandma ate an apple every day, but she had to peel the skin off due to her dentures, so i always got to eat the extra apple skins. my mom making soup - chicken, turkey, beef and making that pot of soup last several meals. home made chili - my grandma's recipe but my mom making it - with spaghetti in it. i don't know why that is just how it is made :) this year i am working on a cookbook to give out to the family for Christmas gifts and the chili with spaghetti in it is one of the recipes in it from my aunt judy. i am adding my grandma's meatloaf - when i make it i make a double meatloaf so that the nest day we can have sandwiches as well as left over meatloaf chunked up makes for great meatballs in spaghetti! and now that Halloween is just about here i am starting to plan for thanksgiving, even knowing that i will probably not be at this apartment. i just love cooking for my friends and family. and the left overs the next day are unbelievable!! anyway, until next time,
peace and luv,

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