Saturday, October 31, 2009

organizing still

OMG! i wish i had found these really helpful articles on documenting and research logs ages ago. but i didnt so now i am going through my family tree one person at a time and recording what information i have, where it came from, and what i still need. and this is going to be time consuming, but really needs to be done in case anyone ever wants to help or take over for me eventually. and it is good practice for me as i would really like to become certified at some point. today is halloween and i am very excited about it. i just love halloween. i can remember when my brother and i were little getting dressed up - the parade at school of everyone in costume - going around the apartments and getting candy and treats in our pillow cases. some memorable costumes - i liked being a gypsy, or witch and my brother did hobo a lot. we made due with what we had on hand and i think it made me appreciate the art of the costume more than the storebought ones would have. my mom was actually very creative and that helped a lot. i think in all the years my son has dressed up he has only had 3 store bought costumes - his first halloween when he was only about 9 months old he wore jammies with a skull cap i bought him, then one year he was sonic the hedgehog and one year he was jigglypuf from pokemon. i am so wishing that i had photos of the costumes through the years. but i still have the memories.
anyway, i hope you all have a great day today,
peace and luv,

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