Wednesday, October 7, 2009

more info and more info

more and more info is trickling in from my step sister. i need to get it all added and have a list of names that i need to research to find out who they are - they signed the funeral book things from my step dad's parents funerals. also, with fall in full force here in the seattle area - i am thinking forward to thanksgiving and who to invite and what to make. it is one of my favorite holidays since it gives me a chance to cook for those i love. i also love christmas and halloween, so we are fully into my favorite time of year. so be prepared for holiday stories - and today will be a halloween one. the year i was almost 11 - so 5th grade - halloween was a big deal for us kids. free candy!! dressing up at school!! and free candy!! so this year we did the school trick or treat, then at dusk we went all over the apartments - back in those days you could take popcorn balls and caramel apples from families you knew - then my best friend's dad took us up through the tiffany park area - that was all the houses near our elementary school and somewhat into fairwood - the higher income houses near our school. then he decided it would be a year to remember - he had me and my best friend and my brother change our costumes and took us back to all the houses we had just hit!! all three of us ended up with our pillow cases full and then some. i swear we were still eating halloween candy all that summer! that was an awesome halloween!
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