Monday, October 26, 2009

so many "new" relatives

i cannot believe how many cousins and second cousins i have on facebook. and how many have accepted my friend invites. i now have photos to put in my family tree of almost all my cousins and still need to look through photos on several people's pages to see if i can find the other family members in them. and talking to them all and getting to know them - and showing them all the information i have on the family tree. very exciting for me anyway. i also redid my computer over the weekend so it is running so nice and fast again. i just had so much on it and could not remember what was for what and what i could remove anymore. so my family tree is not really getting any bigger but my family that i know and am in contact with is getting huge!! story for today - when i was in high school at ingraham high in seattle (i went to 5 different high schools) my friends and i used to hang out on "the ave". for those of you not from here that is university way ne in seattle near the university of washington between about ne 40th and ne 50th streets. ( ) who knew there was a wiki out there on it??? anyway, we hung out on "the ave" and were locally known as "ave rats" - teens - usually rocker to goth - that have nothing better to do than sit on a wall and watch the people with jobs scurry around. so a lot of times we would go to see the midnight movies at the neptune theater - usually b movies that were old - but they usually showed 2 movies so it got you in out of the night for about 3 - 4 hours and then it was only about another hour till the busses were running again and we could get home. this one night we decided to go see the midnight shows - it was eraserhead ( ) and freaks ( ). i have to tell you - i still vividly remember the movies - and i still have nightmares with bits and peices of them in my dream state. who knew that old movies could be so disturbing???
anyway, that is enough of that for today :)
peace and luv

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