Tuesday, October 27, 2009

getting re-organized

well, with me starting my descent into disability world, i should have time to update here regularly. I am learning a lot about intensive digging due to my subscribing to a newsletter called casefile clues [ www.casefileclues.com ] he talks about getting documentation I just really had never thought about. and tells how he comes to conclusions on things and such. I am greatly enjoying the learning every week. so, I have decided I need to reorganize my genealogy stuff. I am going to have a file for each and every person, it will include any photos I have of that person, documentation I have for them, and how they are related to either myself or my son - i have not decided yet on that part. this will also let me know what else i need for people as well as make sure i am not looking for something i already have. the first part of all this is going to be creating a folder for the main branches of my family - Johnson, Shackelford, Hoffmann, Wetzel - that is my father's side, Whitehouse, Kelley, Burns - that is my mother's side, Moberley - that is my son's father's family, Friend, McGlasson, Runion, Tritton - that is my little sisters natural family, McClurg, Whitlow - that is my little sisters adopted father and her stepbrother's mother, Gilliland, Chapman, Forbes - that is my little sisters husband's family, Gomez, Hunter - that is my nephew's mother's family. I think that is the main catagories. then it will just get more and more detailed from there. I will also be recording all documentation in a spreadsheet so that i will have it all in one easy place to look. this is a huge undertaking but it needs to be done, this is how we learn :) I have already discovered - just in talking to my dad that I dont have some documentation on my grandparents. I have recruited him in looking for the documentation for me. it will give him something to do. he could not figure out a hobby to keep him busy in his retirement so he got recruited. umm story for today ~~~ kinda storied out today. if i think of one later i will post it, if not, tomorrow is another day.
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