Monday, October 26, 2009

trip to bremerton

ok, so this is a photo of seattle - but it is from on the ferry going into bremerton. i have always and will always love how the seattle skyline looks from the ferry. so i went to bremerton saturday to see if i could find josh and katrina. they live with her parents but are always out and about - and dont have a phone so that i can contact them. well we (me, my sister and her hubby) got there only to find out that josh is in jail and katrina was not home - probably out trying to get into the jail and see josh. so we chatted with her parents (the first time i met them) for a while then headed out to help david find his costume as they had a party saturday night as well as one on halloween. by the time i got home i could barely move. jesse met me at the bus stop with the walker, but once i reach a certain point the walker doesnt really help much. so it is monday and i am out from work once again (had the flu three days last week) to go see the dr and talk about pain management and disability. also to get a note for work if i am going back at all. i really want to say i am still able to work, but the few days i have done have been pure hell for me. it is time to admit that i need disability and just get everything set up and be done with it.
anyway, will know more later today,
peace and luv

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