Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Eve

I truly love halloween! not only is it a day to be someone you are not and live that fantasy for a few hours, but the kids are just soooo cute!! a friend down the street posted a photo of his new baby in a pumpkin. so darling! so today i posted a few photos of pumpkins from around the neighborhood. i have some other photos to post tomorrow and then sunday or monday i will post photos of halloween night. as for me, today is a good day. the landlord spent 4 plus hours replacing my hot water heater yesterday. he had to completely move a pipe that had been installed after the hot water heater and blocked it from coming out. it was not fun - for anyone involved. so we didnt have dinner until after 9 due to the hot water heater being under the cupboard behind the stove so no stove access until he got done. but it is done now and hopefully it will be the last issue we have here before we end up moving.
anyway, i hope everyone has a great halloween weekend,
peace and luv,

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