Tuesday, October 27, 2009

today is the first day of the rest of my life

today is the day after the dr appointment where I admitted that I need to go on disability. today is the day I got approved for MRI's on my back and right knee to see what we are dealing with. today I called DSHS for an appointment to sign up for disability. today is the beginning of me getting better or at least bearable with the pain. tomorrow I have my appointment with DSHS. tomorrow I have my MRI's. tomorrow I talk to my landlord as I will have to move to low income apartments. but today - I am at peace with my decision.
here is a photo I took Saturday on my way to Bremerton. I love the fog. I love the fall. I do not love how I can barely walk as our weather keeps changing from sunny to rainy and cold. my knees are just not taking it well this year at all. I am going to really work on writing in here daily what I am doing and going through - since dr's scare me to death and this is all going to be a lot of dr's. but this way I will have it to look back on and know it is just one more aspect of my life that I have gotten through.
Peace and Luv,

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