Friday, October 9, 2009

time keeps on slippin.............

ok so not everyone is old enough to know that is a steve miller band song - go on look it up lol so i have been getting little bits here and there from my stepsister about the friend part of the family tree. so i have been busy researching some random members as well as adding the new information. also, it seems that one person that was a match on is not the correct person so now i need to research this person more. i also got a 6 month contract position and will have to put this back to hobby instead of spending so many hours a day on it as i have been. but that is ok. a job is a good thing. so story for today........ hmmm........ when my son was little we had wonderful next door neighbors. mark and michelle and their two girls amanda and kaylee. it worked out very nicely that we all got along because at that time i decided i was ready to go from being a stay at home mom to working again. i worked an early shift at my job because most of our customers were in texas not washington and my mom worked a later shift at her job because she was a night person and that worked better for her. so we only needed someone to sit with jesse for an hour in the morning and an hour in the evenings. michelle volunteered to do this and i didnt have to pay because we bartered - she watched jesse during the week (and any school holidays) and i watched their girls on saturday nights so that they could have date night. so during the summer they were going camping and wanted to take jesse. it was really the first time he had been away from me for any amount of time. but i let him go. so four days later they bring him home and pretty much he hops out, they kinda throw his stuff out and back up -- waving and saying out the window we will talk to you in a while. i thought they just really wanted to get home and shower - i know i would have since i am not the camping kind. but no, they knew that they brought jesse home with a skinned up leg. he was skateboarding on a gravel hill and crashed and burned!! so i took him in the house and disinfected him, called mark and michelle - who explained they knew i would freak out since i was so over protective lol - and got the story. looking back, not a big deal. but at the time i was totally freaked out!!
well that is it for today, have a lot to do today since it is my last day not working really. i will do my best to keep up the blog, but as we all know too well in this economy work comes first.
peace and luv.

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