Thursday, October 29, 2009

hi all,
well i got through my initial DSHS appointment yesterday morning - have to go to the dr and have a full physical next tuesday and have the dr fill out a lot of paperwork to send back to DSHS. Then went for my 2 MRI's yesterday evening. my body is so sore today from being on my back and still for almost an hour. i tend to wiggle a lot due to the pain in my back and knees so staying still so as not to ruin the images was hell. not to mention the fact that i am not a fan of enclosed spaces. but i lived through it and now it is done. hopefully we can go over them when i go back on tuesday. i also have to get my paperwork in for social security disability. and figure something out about housing. but today - i am resting at least through the morning.
here is a photo from walking the other day - it kinds emotes the way i feel today.
peace and luv

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