Friday, October 9, 2009

happy birthday mom

so yesterday i was just too busy to get to this. i got a 6 month contract job and had to go fill out all the paperwork for it in seattle and decided to go to the metro place and get my monthly pass and happy me it turned out that i could not only get october but november too. now i am good on the bus until december. so being raised with a catholic mother and grandmother and knowing my guilt just too much :) you get several photos!! also, today would have been my mom's 63rd birthday. i miss her so much still but am back to where i feel i can not only live life but enjoy it again. so, with this job starting next week, my blogging will have to move to the evenings and i might not be able to keep it up daily, but at least every other day i think i can handle.
hope you enjoy,
peace and luv,
images are in reverse order of how they happened :)
the light bar from the police car at the transit center 10/8

pigeons roosting at the transit center 10/8

fall colors reflected in a window 10/8

the space needle - from outside where i did my paperwork 10/8

the moon still out at mid morning 10/8

fall colors 10/8

fall colors 10/8

perfect sunset 10/7

accident by my house 10/7

accident by my house 10/7

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