Saturday, October 17, 2009

sometimes you learn something ....

that you deep down already knew. it just dawned on me that a "sister" from my family due to being in foster care with my sister's parents is actually blood related....... she is my sister's adopted brother's kid's mother's half sister. ok did everyone get all that?? :) today i am sharing a photo of me, my brother and my cousins in 1971. from left to right Jeff 9 years old (cousin), Johnny 2 years old (cousin), Carolyn 7 years old (cousin) holding Jeremy 1 year old (brother) and Laura 3 years old(me). we all grew up together spending lots of vacation time together and I have such fond memories of going to my aunt and uncle's house and their cabin. so instead of a story today life lessons: what i learned from Jeff - if you are on a tall guys shoulders duck when going through a doorway even if they say no you are clear. what i learned from Carolyn - everyone needs a makeover sometimes even barbie. what i learned from Johnny - sometimes being older has it's advantages. what i learned from Jeremy - sometimes being younger has it's advantages. something i hope we all learned together - family is forever.
well that is it for today,
peace and luv,

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