Thursday, October 22, 2009

happy me

well i have been out sick from work for two days now with what seems to be the flu. of course everyone including the dr says just stay at home. so since i can only lay in bed for so long before it starts hurting my back/legs more than usual, i decided to try to find cousins and second cousins on facebook. i mean it couldnt hurt right? so i found a lot of them and have recieved friend add's from 4 of them so far. 2 cousins on my dad's side, a second cousin on my dad's side and a second cousin on my mom's side. hopefully more will roll in. it is interesting seeing photos of people that i have either not met or not seen since i was like 10 and then it was only a day or two. so - usually my adventures are more in the death area of the family tree but this week it is the life area and i am really excited to get to know my relatives that live far away. so story for today --- my grandpa jim, my dad's dad, was a great and wonderful man. i am sure he had his faults, but living 2000 plus miles away from him, i didnt really get to see them. anyway, when he was about 70 he rode a motorcycle from florida up to kentucky or maryland. alone. and i remember when he told me about it i was angry at him for being risky like that. not that he rode a motorcycle, but that he didnt have at least one riding partner on a long trip like that. i mean you never know when an accident will happen and it is best to ride with a friend. he passed away a few years later, and i still miss him and my grandma edna. we might not have gotten to see each other very much in my life, but we did write quite often.
anyway, that is it for today,
peace and luv,

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